April 27, 2019

BONUS - CliffsNotes To The First 20 Episodes!

Having completed 20 episodes (~15 hours of interviews), I decided to take a moment to go over each episode briefly.

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Having completed 20 episodes, I decided to take a moment to go over each episode briefly.

Thanks to call my guests!

Ep01 - Dan Borges: https://twitter.com/1njection

Ep02 - 0daySimpson: https://twitter.com/0daySimpson

Ep03 - Christina Hanson

Ep04 - Matt Toth: https://twitter.com/willhackforfood

Ep05 - Rob Carson: https://twitter.com/robcarson05

Ep06 - Robin Stuart: https://twitter.com/rcstuart

Ep07 - Clay Wells: https://twitter.com/ttheveii0x

Ep08 - Elvis Chan: https://twitter.com/FBISanFrancisco

Ep09 - Virtual Kyle Kennedy: https://twitter.com/Kyle_F_Kennedy

Ep10 - InfoSteph: https://twitter.com/StephandSec

Ep11 - Yaron Levi: https://twitter.com/0xL3v1

Ep12 - Jack Rhysider: https://twitter.com/JackRhysider

Ep13 - Marcus Carey: https://twitter.com/marcusjcarey

Ep14 - Nipun Gupta: https://twitter.com/nipungupta

Ep15 - Adrian Kaylor: https://twitter.com/AdrianKaylor

Ep16 - InfosecSherpa: https://twitter.com/InfoSecSherpa

Ep17 - InfosecJon: https://twitter.com/InfoSecJon

Ep18 - Masha Sedova: https://twitter.com/modMasha

Ep19 - Jared Folkins: https://twitter.com/JF0LKINS

Ep20 - Leron Gray:https://twitter.com/mcohmi

Getting Into Infosec:

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