Hossam Mohamed - Young Hacker to "Not A Security Researcher"

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A 19 year old "not a security researcher". Facing limitations because of his age and not having the right "prerequisites" Hossam has had to make his own path. He also dreams in code and is one of the youngest OSCE's in the world!


Hossam Mohamed is one of the youngest OSCE in the world and currently working in cyber security domain for a financial company in Istanbul. His area of interest includes exploit development, offensive security, secure web development, malware analysis and he is a big python lover


• On the organizing team of BSides Istanbul

• Best friend is a computer.

• Just finished high school last year!

• Was doing freelance web design and security projects for clients.

• Taught himself assembly.

• Developing offensive security labs.

• Hacked his way to getting a job. :)


• "Because I love code."

• "I wanted to understand how these games work." [5:56]

• "I developed a project for my school. They liked it, but no one cared actually."

• "No one in infosec doesn't play a little bit (hacking)." [8:04]

• "Technical interview was great... didn't work because of my age and my education. I was only 18." [10:22]

• Do you ever dream in code? "Actually... how did you know that?" [12:35]

• "People think when it's about assembly and reverse engineering, omg it's untouchable.... No I'm telling you there is much more lower level than that."

• "I feel bad when I get sick because I don't go to work... I don't (get to) open my laptop and looking to code."

• "When I'm far from my computer for two or three days... I'll be depressed."

• "You can make it part of your day." [22:52]

• "I wanted to send them the new domain controller password with the report. " [25:23]


• Hosam on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wazehell

• Hosam's Website: https://wazehell.io/

• BSides Istanbul: https://bsidesistanbul.com/

• Upcoming talk "Hunting For Windows Remote Zero-days": https://bsidesistanbul.com/hossam-mohamed/

• Intro Music: Cascadia by Trash80 - https://trash80.com/#/content/133/weeklybeats-2012-week5 (Released under Creative Commons)

• Outro: Weak Knight by Devon Church - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEOYtxvlnAY

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