Kavya Pearlman - From Hairstylist to CISO to XR Superhero

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Kavya Pearlman is an Award-winning cybersecurity professional with a deep interest in immersive and emerging technologies. Kavya is the founder of non-profit, XR Safety Initiative (XRSI). XRSI is the very first global effort that promotes privacy, security, ethics and develops standards and guidelines for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR) collectively known as XR.
Kavya is constantly exploring new technologies to solve current cybersecurity challenges.

• "Money, Money, Money. How much money you going to make? I was so put off. No, it's not about money. I really just want to learn." [17:03]
• "What would you become when you grow up? I would be a D.I.G. (Deputy Inspector General)" [18:10]
• "This country needs me. This world needs me." [19:21]
• "You owe it to yourself to explore this little itch, and figure out whether this is your passion or not." [20:05]
• "You will inevitably make (sometimes) bad decisions .:
• "Technical support IS security." [31:46]
• "I don't think anyone read that [report], but then it gave me some satisfaction that this is awesome. I can actually take what I'm learning and apply it to the job." [32:09]
• "Believe in yourself, not just for information security." [35:59]

• Kavya Pearlman - https://twitter.com/KavyaPearlman
• XRSI - https://www.xrsi.org/
• Caroline Wong - https://twitter.com/carolinewmwong
• Steve Hunt [22:17] - https://twitter.com/Steve_Hunt

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