Learn Hacking: OSCP, WinRM, and PwnSchool

Getting Into Infosec BITES are short videos under 5 minutes posted daily (M-Th) where I cover resources and news related to helping you on your cybersecurity career!

Today's topics are around resources that will help you learn pentesting such as the OSCP exam, tools like WinRM, and the Pwnschool by Phillip Wylie,


Rana Khalil: https://twitter.com/rana__khalil/

Hack The Box Writeups: https://medium.com/@ranakhalil101

Practical Exploitation (Formerly Metasploit Minutes) by Rob Fuller aka Mubix and Hak5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVgJ-9FJKxE

Pwnschool: https://pwnschool.com/

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