Jan. 31, 2021

Changing Salaries as a Result of Covid-19 and Remote Work

A high salary and remote work are appealing reasons to switch to a tech career. High wages aren't a new aspect of tech jobs, but 100 percent of remote work might be a new normal. Companies have let employees work from home for limited periods for different reasons, but now, almost all tech workers are working from home to slow the spread of Covid-19.

The past few months have shown working from home isn't a detriment to productivity; some companies have even seen an increase in worker satisfaction and productivity. It's not all cake and ice cream. There are still ways to optimize remote work. Remote work is a driver for mid-career professionals to switch jobs and get a computer science career. 

Companies are doing everything they can to keep pre-COVID levels of productions. Switching to remote work isn't as simple as sending workers home; some logistics issues may arise. Tech companies are looking for ways to offer benefits employees want in addition to their salaries.

Employee Internet

The whole family will be sucking up bandwidth as kids return to school virtually, and parents continue hosting all their meetings on Zoom. Depending on the size of your home, you could find it hard to find a quiet space for meetings. Before the pandemic, companies supported a super-fast Internet that allowed everyone to be online simultaneously; that isn't always the case for your home. Companies might start offering stipends or provide the Internet outright to their employees. 

As data scientists work on proprietary algorithms to improve machine learning capabilities, they want to ensure the work is safe and that prying eyes can't access it. The Internet connection and hardware employees have at home are often more vulnerable than those at the office. Providing VPNs and other security-enhancing might be another cost companies will incur to keep their data secure.

Data scientists' role will be vital as companies and consumers adjust their habits during the ever-changing times of Covid-19. You can become a data scientist by attending a coding bootcamp.


The top tech companies offer top-class gyms and workout classes on their campuses ranging from yoga to CrossFit. Some companies that don't have their own facilities provide discounted gym memberships or a fitness allotment. As gyms are one of the last businesses to reopen, this perk, which can save thousands of dollars a year, is left unfilled. The sudden change to where we work and the closure of gyms causes many people to slack on their fitness goals.

Working at home means less walking. The coffee pot, kitchen, and restroom are all closer than in the office. We don't have to walk across campus to get to our next meeting; we take them in the same seat as our previous 20 meetings. The reduction of activity level has an effect on our creative output as well as our mental health. 

Gyms have responded by offering classes through video chats. As we combat the virus by staying home, we find innovative ways to do normal things like working out. You can also learn the skills needed to get a computer science career at home and online at the coding boot camp Springboard.

Office Perks

There were a lot of perks to working in an office. A generous assortment of snacks was one of them. These snacks aren't just for their employees. Snack companies determine which treats are more popular, based on consumption. There are rumors these snacks are meticulously curated. Grabbing a bag of potato chips at home seems lame compared to the choice between wasabi almonds and kale chips. Some companies have continued this perk by sending weekly snack boxes to their employees.

Professional Development

Quarantine is a good time to explore learning opportunities. Tech companies often offer their employees discounts to attend coding bootcamps. These perks attract ambitious professionals eager to add more tools to their belt. With the availability of online web design bootcamps, everyone from administrators to copy editors can add a certification to their resume. 

While not a salary you see reflected in your weekly paycheck, this resource will make your money stretch further. 

Benefits Can Be More Beneficial than Your Salary

Tech companies offer lots of perks to make life easier and attract talent. These benefits aren't the same as an increased salary, but sometimes they are more valuable than a higher salary. You can view any perk as a way of saving yourself money.