Getting Into Infosec

Getting Into Infosec

Interviews with people who have transitioned and got jobs in #infosec and #cybersecurity so you can learn and be inspired from their experience. There is no linear path into the field of Information Security, so the hope is that you will resonate with at least one of the guests. Some of my guests were teachers, paralegals, librarians, military vets, developers, and IT help desk techs (to name a few) before transitioning. Also featuring "spoof" ads poking fun at the industry.


John Gates - From Car Mechanic to Lead IT Security Analyst

June 16, 2021

John Gates has always liked to know how do things work - and that has proven to be a beneficial trait. From his first job as a car mechanic to IT consultancy and education to his current role as a Lead IT Security Operations Analyst for a global food brand. He’s also an advisor and former board mem…

Women In Cybersecurity

Samantha Cowan - From National Parks Service To Head Of Compliance

June 1, 2021

Today we're joined by Samantha Cowan. Sam is currently the Head of Compliance at HackerOne. She's the former Director of Compliance at OneLogin and former Security Engineer at CoverHound, Cyber Policy, and Zenefits. Sam initially perceived Infosec as an "unhappy job", but later found herself taking…

Blacks In Cybersecurity Women In Cybersecurity

Betsy Bevilacqua - From Almost Lawyer to CISO and Security Leader

Feb. 28, 2021

Betsy Bevilacqua is the current VP of Information Security at Chainalysis. Initially, she had her mind set on law school until she did a self-audit and realized that she enjoyed computers and tech much more. Her journey into infosec led her to move from Kenya to the US to obtain a degree in Securit…

Dr. Eric Cole - Accidental CIA Hacker To Fortune 500 Security Advisory To Entrepreneur

Jan. 11, 2021

Dr. Eric Cole's career has been a mix of sixth-sense chance encounters and wisdom/foresight of the future. When he was younger, his uncanny ability to see the opportunity in cybersecurity combined with the wisdom to listen to those smarter than him is what got him where he is today.

Women In Cybersecurity

Lisa Jiggetts - From Navy Cook To Pentester To Non-Profit Founder!

Nov. 23, 2020

Lisa Jiggetts knew from an early age that she was going to be in tech and cyber. A navy veteran who started off as a cook, she always found herself gravitating towards technology. She is also the Founder & Board of Director of the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, a non-profit that is dedicated to inc…

Eric Strom - From Lawyer to FBI Cyber Division Unit Chief

Oct. 24, 2020

Eric Strom is the Unit Chief of the Mission Critical Engagement Unit, Cyber Division. In this role, Mr. Strom oversees the FBI Cyber Division’s private sector outreach efforts to the 16 critical infrastructure sectors, forging partnerships with companies in those sectors to develop and share threat…

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