Jared Folkins - 18 YRO Manager To Education Security To Human Hero

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Jared Folkins understands people, technology, and the world around him. He can smell a toxic environment from a mile away and has used that EIQ spider sense for good. Jared shares with us some VERY personal stories (tear jerker warning!) in integrity and life decisions as well a bunch of on the job war stories including a famous one featured in the news! This is probably my most dramatic episode yet.


• At 18 got promoted to manage a team of 50, because he wasn't lazy.

• In hindsight was able to see indicators of the dot com crash, but didn't realize that.

• Had a fork in the road where he had a major decision to make.

• Jared shares with us a VERY personal story and the life lesson from that which he applies in his professional life.

• Having low tolerance for toxic relationships, Jared has been able sense toxicity and it's been a driving force for good for him.


• "I believe in the power of admitting when you're wrong."

• "I carry my guilt between my shoulder blades."

• "When I make that mistake; When you have a team that you can trust or a team that honors you, you have the freedom to say stuff like that."

• "You can only control you."

• "Constraints can be healthy."

• "Stepping outside of your comfort zone... super healthy too."

• "If someone tells me this person... is not a good person, I'll actually go meet that person. I want to asses it for myself."

• "You get rejected, don't get super emotional... just work with what you have and move on."


Jared's Blog: https://www.acloudtree.com

Jared's Twitter: https://twitter.com/jf0lkins

Jared's GitHub: https://github.com/jaredfolkins

Opsec Edu: https://www.opsecedu.com

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Donkey Kong Clone: https://ostermiller.org/ladder/

Grand Mal Seizure: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/grand-mal-seizure/symptoms-causes/syc-20363458

Project Dir Fu: https://www.dir-fu.com/

TorHound: https://github.com/jaredfolkins/torhound

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